Covid-19 Response

We have taken significant steps to promote social distancing, healthy hygiene practices, and temporarily limit the sharing of frequently touched objects in our facilities.  We acknowledge, however, that our best efforts will not guarantee the protection of those who choose to attend; those who do so will be voluntarily assuming all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


Today, I want to inform you about the things that have been done to prepare our facilities as well as to inform you about some of the changes that will occur in our services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our elders or staff members.  You can reach the church office at 770-461-8763 or by email:


Things that have been done to the facilities (see the picture of our new sanctuary lay-out)

  • The auditorium and foyers have been thoroughly cleaned

  • The auditorium and foyer floors professionally cleaned

  • Several pews have been removed to create a new middle aisleway

  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the campus

  • Toilet seat covers will be installed in every facility

  • Packaged wet-wipes (non-flushable) will be located in bathrooms alongside soap dispensers

  • Pew seating will be marked to maintain social distancing

  • Pew hymnals and Bibles have been removed

  • Communion and offering stations have been created; we will not be passing trays


Changes that will occur in our worship services

  • Ushers wearing face masks will be posted at both entrances (New Hope & Hickory Rd.) and will be responsible for the doors (so people will not have to touch door handles); the door between the main building and gym will be locked.

  • We will no longer have a formal greeting time

  • Communion and offering will be taken directly at stations (see the picture of our new sanctuary lay-out) or an usher will distribute disposable emblems for those who cannot participate in that way (please raise your hand to signal to Rebekah). Participants will use the middle aisle to proceed to the communion stations and the outside aisle to return to their seats.

  • Each communion station will have two trays of cups: one tray will have bread (one piece of bread placed inside each cup) and one tray of juice-filled cups.  Participants should immediately partake of the bread, the juice, and dispose of both cups at the garbage located at each station.  They can also place their offerings in the tray located at each station.