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We are a church that first and foremost worships God together.


In a world that tries to divide, we believe that Jesus unites. Galatians 3:28 NIV "there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Our worship services are designed to be unifying.  We sing together. The songs are chosen in singable keys and blended together, traditional and contemporary; so that everyone can comfortably participate.  We don't require hand-raising, lengthy standing, or forced enthusiasm. Instead, we are always striving to achieve services where the congregation, amidst its differences, can worship together.

Our worship leaders, Mark Ladd and Gail Higle, lead our services on alternate Sundays and bless the congregation with a wonderful blend of new and old.  Gail leads the church choir, orchestra and incorporates several participants. Mark leads worship from the grand piano seamlessly connecting beloved hymns with newer songs into a beautiful and compelling service.







Mark Ladd leading from the grand           Gail Higle with the church choir


Our worship music reflects our philosophy: worship is the offering that Christians give to God.  We are not performing a concert to an audience nor are we targeting a one group as opposed to another.  We are Christians-only, not the only Christians.


While our auditorium has a traditional "feel" with cushioned pews, stained glass windows, and pendant lighting, we use technology to enhance the audio/visual experience as well as online streaming for those unable to attend the service.




You will not hear us degrade older members as being wrong for the church, nor do we exalt the young as the its solution.  We elevate Jesus as our hope, our standard, and our inspiration.  Because Jesus invented the church, loves the church, and uses the church for His purposes, our response to Him is one of obedience and love.  

We are a church that is authentic.

You will be greeted by genuine people who appreciate your presence in worship. Our culture is casual and the length of our services are about seventy minutes.  We lead our own music and preach our own messages - we don't "pipe in" celebrity preachers or out-of-town pastors. You will not experience a darkened auditorium, pounding drums, or flashing lights, but rather a humble people seeking to honor God. We are not embarrassed of traditions, family-values, veterans, first-responders, America, or patriotism.  We are not political, but we encourage people to support our country.  As we pray that God would bless America, we pray that God would bless all peoples and all nations.


Sermon by Andrew Higle

We are a church that values participation.

We still have a church choir, our members provide meditations, people share their talents, groups go on mission trips, and every Sunday we celebrate communion as the Church has done throughout history.  The Bible teaches that Christians are "a priesthood of believers," (1 Peter 2:5) which implies that every Christian has a sacred place in service to God.  We want to empower every believer to serve.  




Tim shares communion meditation     A church mission trip to Mexico


We are Christians-Only.


We are "people of the Book" and strive to live up to the motto: "where the Bible speaks - we speak, and where it is silent - we are silent."  We are not a denomination. Our leaders are selected from among our members and administrate the church.  We have always been "Fayetteville Christian Church" and haven't changed our name to disguise our brand, or fled our original location.  Instead, we want to bloom where God has planted us.  We accept every Christian as a full-fledged member in God's Kingdom regardless of their church background. 

We believe in Missions.

We currently support missions with nearly 25% of all offerings received not including the other ways we support outreach.  God has blessed us with a debt-free facility so that we can concentrate on contributing to the things of God rather than buildings, rent, or campaigns.  We have also been blessed with the ability to extend hospitality to our community.  We have many outside groups who use our facilities at little or no cost including a Co-op school, several basketball teams, support groups, and community functions. 


Our belief in missions goes well beyond budgets and buildings because our members are themselves mission-minded.  Whether it's making blankets for the homeless, sorting food in the local pantry, or teaching in the local nursing home - our members do the work of the church.  The Fayetteville Christian Church has a reputation for being a strong "mission-supporting" church.  One of our members, Carlos Dimas, is also a missionary with "New Jerusalem Missionary Ministry" that serves many impoverished areas in Central America.

Carlos Dimas

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